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Pairin' OffThe horseshoes of love

We're hitched!

All is well

Recently, it was brought to my attention that there's been no activity on the site for more than a month. So to dispel any notions that we just fell off of the face of the earth, yes, we're still here and we're doing all right. We've both found jobs (not an easy task, mind you), and we're slowly pulling outselves out of the bedlam that a wedding and a cross-country move can bring.

Posted by jake on 17 October 2003 7:54 PM

For your viewing pleasure

It's been a while, but we finally got around to picking out some pictures to post on the site. Have fun looking through the album. Besides the shots that are posted, there are about 500 other ones (Krohn's Images is thorough, to say the least) that we will, slowly of course, begin to send out.

If anyone, for whatever reason, is having trouble seeing the album, let Jake know. We aim to please.

Posted by jake on 15 September 2003 10:32 PM | Comments (4)

The Eagle has landed

We finally rolled into Pittsburgh on Wednesday afternoon after more than our share of tribulations with U-Haul, Labor Day traffic, and the like. We're still not completely unpacked but we're making really good progress.

My 30 minutes at the library computer are almost up, so that's about all I can say for now. So to all who were wondering, yes, we made it.

Posted by jake on 5 September 2003 12:35 PM

The wedding party

The wedding party

Here's a picture of our fine-looking wedding party. Notice the color coordination and the casual yet classy manner of dress.

There's a lot more where that came from, as well as other goodies, that I will post sooner or later. Thanks again to everyone who came and helped us celebrate. It was a blast.

Posted by jake on 25 August 2003 7:10 PM | Comments (0)

Almost home

This entry is being posted from an internet kiosk at a rest area in North Dakota. It's about 4:00 AM MDT and we're on the last leg of the Great Honeymoon Trip of 2003. We've had several interesting camping experiences, visited with a lot of family, and have seen more of the country than is probably good for us right now.

We're off to take a nap in the car for a bit, then it's back on the road for some more North Dakota interstate fun.

None of this was probably too important but it's just so great to be able to do this kind of thing from anywhere. I couldn't pass it up.

Posted by jake on 24 August 2003 5:03 AM | Comments (0)